MW 20 F

Atmospheric Water Generator – AWG is a Water Generator that produces drinking water from the air we breathe. Yes, it is not magic. It is the cutting edge technology that MAYI Waters deploys bringing pure, clean, safe and healthy drinking water into your homes.

MAYI Waters AWG has a built-in intelligence to continually manage and guide all the components in the machine. This MAYI Waters artificial intelligence system is built complete with the following features:

  • Generates water by detecting the humidity and harnessing the moisture from the surrounding air.
  • Manages and optimises power consumption during water generation by detecting surrounding humidity and water levels in storage tanks.
  • Dispenses hot and cold water by detecting and maintaining hot water temperature up to 82°C and cold water temperature up to 6°C.
  • Detects dispensing patterns and performs at specific intervals, reflux to water stored in storage tanks to ensure water dispensed is always fresh.
  • Detects life span and/or failures of filters and LED UV Lamps and prompts for maintenance and/or replacements.
  • Detects internal water leakages, cuts-off power and prompts for maintenance ensuring user safety.

4 in 1 Function

Air Water Generator
Hot and Cold Water Dispenser
Air Purifier


No installation and easy maintenance
No chemical process and additives
No bacterial growth
High water quality and natural water


  • Artificial Intelligence Water Generator
  • Hot (82ºC) and Cold (6ºC) water dispensing - faucet dispenser
  • Storage capacity 18 litres
  • Production capacity up to 20 litres per day


  • Power supply: 220V 50Hz/110V
  • Water production: 470W
  • Working humidity: 20% - 95%
  • Working temperature: 15ºC - 45ºC
  • Weight: 42kg
  • Dimension: 375mm (L) x 307cm (W) x 1154mm (H)


  • HEPA – Air Filter, prevents dust and micro particles penetration of the device and cleans air.
  • PPF – Sediment filter, eliminates impurity and pollutants with the size of over 5 micron.
  • UDF – Pre carbon Filter, coconut carbon filter, activated carbon removes organic compounds and odour.
  • ELE – Element Electropositive Filter (commonly known as Nanoceram), rapidly absorbs particles no matter how small, thus ensuring the sterile water content.
  • UF – Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter, 0.01-0.04 micron filter removes inorganic compounds, impurities and pollutants.
  • UV – Sterilisation. Kills mould spores, bacteria, protozoa, viruses and inhibits bacteria growth in storage tanks.