KMMB is a dynamic and competitive co-operative that offers quality services and benefits to its members to assist them in realising their goals, while adhering to the principles of the co-operative.


Creating a holistic entrepreneurial and educational environment as a support system of sustainable development.


The progress of a nation starts with one or a few individuals who are committed to nation-building. In my philosophy, the development of a nation needs to have many positive elements and character. There must be fundamental truths established to uphold high principles and moral codes. Yet, at the same time, it has to move with the modernisation of humanity without compromising on decency, human development, and values.

I have had the privilege to start the journey of self-realisation at the age of 13, and blessed with the adventure of intrapreneurship at the age of 18. Since my journey first started with spirituality, I was protected against decaying bad habits and all my enterprises only comprised of ethical practices. I have never given in to or taken part in corrupt practices nor have any place in my heart or mind for prejudice or bigotry. I uphold a high standard in my personal and professional life and am sincerely dedicated to the upliftment of all members of humanity, with a very special affinity to nature and animal protection. I am also very focused on the welfare and protection of women and children. I do my very best for their progress and eventual education of their rights as an equal in every way and with every other member of the human race.

I have studied society through historical lessons, observations, and scrutiny of the facts to understand that justice, truth, and purity can change civilisations like no other. I find that education in the form of self-realisation practices and ethical entrepreneurship is the key to the reformation of the world. Therefore, I call myself a reformer, but one who uses love, compassion and kindness to all as the reform agenda. The agenda is for the upliftment of society in ways that will benefit the nation and all its people in a wholesome way.

KMMB is a master vehicle, which will partner all MAYI companies, businesses and projects to bring about a major shift in the economic and real wellbeing of its members. I envision not only a huge conglomerate of businesses under the MAYI banner but have put forth a plan to share a major portion of MAYI Group's ventures with KMMB so that all members will benefit as shareholders.

There are many opportunities for business ownership in the form of intrapreneurship, partnership, franchise, shareholding, licensing, employment and other creative ways to be a part of the MAYI Group through the financing ability of KMMB.

Within the next 5 years, I envision to begin major projects to expand the businesses after the core team has been groomed, steadied and readied to handle national and international businesses. I believe KMMB will be one of the most successful cooperatives in the world.

My team and I are working hard and intelligently utilising technology and human resources effectively to penetrate markets and expand the group worldwide. This is also the world's first co-operative for Yoga Instructors, creating history in the making.

I would like to welcome everyone to join us in this fascinating journey of nation-building through Koperasi MAYI Malaysia Bhd.  Thank you and God Bless us all!



Founder - Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors

Founder - Malaysian Yoga Society

Chairman - MAYI Group of Companies

Strength in Unity

The Significance of Co-operative Organisations

Co-operatives, often referred to as co-ops, are a unique and powerful model of economic and social organisation that have been making a positive impact across the globe for over a century. Rooted in the principles of collaboration, mutual support, and democratic decision-making, co-operatives represent a different approach to business and community development. Let’s explore the concept and importance of co-operatives and how they contribute to economic, social, and environmental well-being.

Understanding Co-operatives and Its Principles

A co-operative is a business or organisation that is owned and operated by its members for their mutual benefit. Unlike traditional enterprises where ownership and control are concentrated in the hands of a few, co-operatives are based on the principle of one member, one vote, ensuring that decisions are made collectively and democratically.

Co-operatives operate under a set of guiding principles known as the Rochdale Principles. These principles include voluntary and open membership, democratic member control, member economic participation, autonomy and independence, education, training, and information, cooperation among co-operatives, and concern for the community. These principles underpin the core values of co-operatives, which emphasise self-help, self-responsibility, equality, and solidarity, and they provide a framework for the operation of co-operatives in Malaysia, helping to ensure that they serve the best interests of their members and the broader community.

The Importance of Co-operatives

  1. Economic Empowerment: Co-operatives provide individuals and communities with the means to harness their economic potential. By pooling resources, members can access markets, negotiate better prices for goods and services, and improve their financial stability. This economic empowerment is particularly crucial for marginalised groups and small-scale producers.
  2. Local Development: Co-operatives play a vital role in building and sustaining local economies. They often source their products locally, create jobs, and reinvest profits in the community. This, in turn, helps in preserving local traditions, culture, and identity.
  3. Democratic Decision-Making: In a world where power imbalances are pervasive, co-operatives offer a democratic alternative. Every member has an equal say in decision-making processes, fostering a sense of ownership and participation.
  4. Support for Marginalised Groups: Co-operatives have a strong tradition of supporting vulnerable and marginalised communities, such as women, indigenous people, and minorities. They provide a platform for these groups to access resources, gain economic independence, and advocate for their rights.
  5. Environmental Sustainability: Many co-operatives are committed to sustainable practices, whether in agriculture, energy, or consumer goods. They often prioritise long-term sustainability over short-term profits, making them a force for positive environmental change.
  6. Resilience in Crisis: During times of economic downturn or crisis, co-operatives have shown remarkable resilience. Members often come together to overcome challenges collectively, ensuring that individuals are not left to face hardship alone.
  7. Access to Basic Needs: Consumer co-operatives, in particular, play a vital role in providing access to essential services like healthcare, housing, and education. By pooling resources, members can secure better quality services at more affordable prices.

At a whole, co-operatives represent a powerful force for economic and social transformation, offering a model of business and community organisation rooted in democratic principles, social responsibility, and mutual support. Their importance extends beyond economics to encompass social, environmental, and cultural dimensions. In a world facing growing inequality and environmental challenges, co-operatives provide a compelling alternative, demonstrating that people can work together to build a more equitable and sustainable future. As we navigate the complex challenges of the 21st century, the co-operative model remains a beacon of hope, embodying the timeless values of cooperation and solidarity.

Co-operatives in Malaysia are governed by the regulatory authority known as the Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission, commonly referred to as the "SKM" (Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia). It operates under the purview of the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Co-operatives Development (MECD).

The Story of Koperasi MAYI Malaysia Berhad (KMMB)

In the serene world of holistic wellness, where mindfulness, well-being, and community are at the core, Koperasi MAYI Malaysia Berhad (MAYI Co-operative Malaysia Limited) stands as a shining example of collective empowerment. Established with the vision to support and uplift yoga instructors, this co-operative has been a game-changer, not just for its shareholders but for the entire wellness community in Malaysia.

Koperasi MAYI Malaysia Berhad, affectionately known as KMMB, came into existence as a brainchild of the Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors (MAYI) - a renowned organisation dedicated to promoting yoga and holistic well-being. Recognising the challenges faced by yoga instructors and practitioners in Malaysia, the founder of MAYI, Master Mani, envisioned a platform where they could come together, share their passion, and receive the support they deserved.

In 2021, this vision became a reality, as KMMB was officially registered as a co-operative. Since then, it has been on a mission to empower and improve the lives of wellness enthusiasts across the nation.


The Benefits for KMMB Shareholders

  1. Voting Rights: One of the key advantages of being a shareholder in KMMB is the ability to actively participate in decision-making. Shareholders have a voice in determining the direction and policies of the co-operative.
  2. Access to Wellness Programmes: Health and wellness are paramount in the world of yoga. KMMB offers its shareholders access to various wellness programs and activities, ensuring that the physical and mental well-being of the community is a top priority.
  3. Small Business Opportunities: The co-operative fosters entrepreneurship by providing opportunities for shareholders to start and run their small wellness-related businesses. This support contributes to the economic empowerment of its members.
  4. Instalment Payments for Wellness Products and Programmes: The co-operative understands the financial constraints that the community may face. To make wellness products more accessible, KMMB allows shareholders to purchase them through convenient instalment payments.
  5. Travel the World: Shareholders can embark on memorable journeys through KMMB’s tailor-made trips. Whether it's an adventurous getaway or a cultural expedition, travel trips for co-operative shareholders are a gateway to diverse, enriching, and affordable travel opportunities with like-minded members.
  6. Bereavement Support: In times of loss and grief, KMMB extends its support to shareholders. It offers a safety net, both emotionally and financially, to help them navigate challenging times.

However, the benefits of a KMMB are not limited to the above as KMMB has many more community building projects in the pipeline. This is because KMMB’s impact extends beyond its shareholders. It serves as a unifying force in the wellness community, bringing all health enthusiasts together. Through various events, workshops, and collaborations, it nurtures a sense of community and belonging among its members.

The co-operative also contributes to the wider community by participating in community building initiatives and social causes. This commitment to social responsibility is a reflection of its holistic approach to well-being, which encompasses not just the individual but society as a whole.


The Journey Ahead

As it continues to grow and evolve, KMMB remains committed to its core mission - to empower the community by promoting holistic well-being. Its journey is one of unity, support, and collective growth, echoing the very essence of holistic wellness itself.

In a world that often prioritises competition and individualism, KMMB stands as a shining example of the power of cooperation. By empowering its shareholders, enriching the lives of health enthusiasts and strengthening the broader community in Malaysia. In the spirit of togetherness and holistic well-being, KMMB paves the path to a healthier, happier Malaysia, one person at a time.