Fund and implement solutions for social and environmental issues. All the businesses are geared towards human development and rehabilitation of nature.



Nurturing individual members to exercise innovation and expand their skills for the benefit of the whole co-operative.



Sharing the holistic self-realisation knowledge of growth with all members for nation building.


The first co-operative (co-op) was formed in England in 1844. Since then the co-op organisation has found its way to the whole world as a platform to support its member to improve their livelihoods and protect their interests financially and socially. It is considered a significant contributor to nation-building as it promotes sustenance through business opportunities.

A co-operative society allows its members to become owners of the co-op's businesses, whereby the member gets to partake in the running and management of thee business ventures. This empowers the members to take control of their businesses and continued income generation, besides creating a common place to drive social enhancement activities.

Following the success of more than 12,000 co-ops in Malaysia so far, Koperasi MAYI Malaysia Berhad, or KMMB, was formed to boost its members' lives and economic wellbeing.


Koperasi MAYI Malaysia Berhad (KMMB) is an effective platform to allow everyone to be a part of numerous business opportunities that will create an avalanche of growth in the near future. It will be a vehicle to completely eliminate any sense of lack of opportunity that may have been lurking in the society.

This tremendous growth is not only financially, but also socially. It will allow members to be a catalyst for betterment in the society.

With dedicated teams passionately propelling its growth, KMMB is determined to steer every one of its members to advancement.


What are the numerous businesses involved?

Koperasi MAYI Malaysia Berhad will be a master vehicle with MAYI group of companies, businesses and projects as the core partners to support and sustain its growth in numerous areas. The MAYI Group, which was established in 2007, has been involved in the business field for more than a decade. It is a solid group that is growing strong in capital and has started to expand internationally as well.

The co-op members, who are also its shareholders, will benefit significantly through the shared ownership in all MAYI ventures, including MAYI Infinity, MAYI Cafe, MAYI Waters and many other projects and enterprises in the pipeline for the MAYI group of companies.

Through the partner companies, Koperasi MAYI Malaysia will create various job opportunities and openings for business ownership, shareholding, intrapreneurship, licensing, franchise and many more to ensure that members will benefit in multiple ways.

Having such a dynamic and formidable financial backing, KMMB is starting off on a sound financial footing. Coupled with its robust ethical policy (the 2 factors that allow infinite growth potential to take place), KMMB will be able to achieve its plans in no time at all.

All the revenues generated via the partner companies will be shared, hence all the members will indisputably gain and expand financially.

All KMMB projects will also contribute greatly to the members' social upliftment through its highly beneficial ventures that are created and run via voluntary work, whereby not only the individual member but the entire coop community will experience wisdom.